Make Money In Fitness: A Practical How To

Make Money In Fitness- A Practical Guide The fitness industry is BOOMING. As we boomers keep ‘maturing’, it’s becoming more and more evident that the way to hold back the ravages of time is through fitness- exercise, nutrition, and preventative wellness. AND as we boomers keep ‘maturing’…many of us are realizing that the way the […]

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Become A Coach with the Team of Top Coaches at Beachbody!

Personal Trainers Salary Boost

Personal Trainers! Salary Challenged? Kick It Into High Gear! I know the issues you face trying to build your personal trainers salary…clients canceling, clients quitting, getting paid way less than what your worth at the health club…running to at-home appointments… As a personal trainer you got started in this industry because you wanted to help […]

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Make money with beachbody|make money as a fitness coach

Make Money with Beachbody: 4 Things You Must Do BEFORE You Join!

Make Money with Beachbody: 4  Steps You Have to Take! You want to make money with Beachbody? That’s awesome. And YES, you CAN… Especially when you align yourself with a Team like mine- a team of some of the Top Coaches, the Top Earners in Beachbody- to help you along the way, to save you […]

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The Best Detox Cleanse

Beachbody Ultimate Reset: 21 Days to a Renewed You!

Beachbody Ultimate Reset- What it ISN’T… I think many folks hear ‘Cleanse’ and think of something like fasting. Or maybe drinking ONLY an apple cider vinegar concoction for days on end…NOT with the Beachbody Ultimate Reset! Or maybe we tend to think of a torturous juice fast…nothing but juices for a few days…and often accompanied […]

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Free Customers Given to You in the Beachbody Business Opportunity!

Beachbody’s Business Opportunity GIVES YOU Free Customers

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!What you NEED to know about Joining Beachbody as a Coach, and How the Beachbody Free Customer Lead Program Works! SIMPLE! It’s like this: Beachbody GIVES us their customers to earn from; and, they bring in up to 50,000 of […]

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Join Beachbody’s Top Coaches

How can joining Beachbody’s Top Coaches help YOU? Well, first, it’s nearly impossible to do all alone, like any good business. And that’s because change is difficult even WITH support…and without it? Without an outsider’s perspective, without the voice that can remind you of your original commitment…? As we like to say in NYC…’fuggedaboudit’. That’s […]

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Best Workouts After 50

Best Workouts After 50: What To Look For If you’re ready to get back into shape, DON’T let the excuse that ‘you’re too old to work out’ stop you… Cause ba-bay…IT JUST AIN’T TRUE! But we (ahem…) ‘mature’ folks do need to be intelligent about how we go about it. I myself got a little […]

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Join the Beachbody Challenge Group- win up $100K!

Beachbody Challenge- New for 2013! Up to $100K in Prizes!

Beachbody Challenge 2013: Win $100,000! Beachbody Challenge 2013: Everything You Need to Know Watch the Beachbody Challenge Video above… Want to get into the best shape of your life? We’re starting a Beachbody Challenge™ group… It’s a 60-day ‘Shaun T’s INSANITY’ challenge and it’s the easiest way to achieve your goals ever. As part of […]

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best Beachbody program

Best Beachbody Workout: Which One’s for You?

Best Beachbody Workout- For WHOM? It’s one of the first questions people ask: “What’s the Best Beachbody Workout for me?”…to which I reply: “The one that you’ll do!” I’m not being a smart ass. I’m just telling the truth. If you don’t like doing the intense heavy weight training workouts, then you probably don’t want […]

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What’s the difference between P90X and P90X2?

Here are the differences between the MOTHER of all home-workouts (P90X) and it’s new kid in the neighborbood (P90X2!)

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Beachbody Insanity: THE ASYLUM

Welcome to the Asylum! This training is 30 days of hardcore, serious athletic training…the first in-home sports training program. Using sports training techniques developed for professional athletes- check this video out!

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Beachbody Insanity

Want to get into the best cardio shape of your LIFE? Want to reduce your bodyfat percentage by, like, a gazillion?   Shaun T and Insanity will do in 60 days what would take most people a YEAR…check it out:  

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10 Things You Can Do NOW to Stay in GREAT SHAPE through the Holidays!

10 Things You Can Do NOW to Stay in GREAT SHAPE over the Holidays Yes. It takes planning! We’ve all seen it happen before…we work all summer, get to the fall feeling good about our progress, and we LET GO just a little when the weather shifts…and then that ONE PIECE of pie and Thanksgiving…and […]

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Best home workout for men

Looking to Buy P90X2? Check out this Preview!

Are you looking to buy p90x2? Here’s your P90X2 Preview! Everything you need to know… And if you place a order now, you’re going to get 2 free bonus workout DVDs as well! You’re not gonna believe what Beachbody has come up with! It’s the next version of p90x… Let me give you just a […]

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Get Fit and Get Paid!

Team Beachbody gets A+ Rating from BBB

Team Beachbody Gets A+ Rating from BBB! The Better Business Bureau, aka the BBB, recently upgraded Team Beachbody‘s grade from an A to an A+ … the highest possible score. This means that Beachbody customers and Club members can feel confident that they are doing business with a company they can trust. It also assures […]

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Is Beachbody a Scam?

Beachbody Coach Scam?

Beachbody coach- scam…or not? It’s all over the internet. “Read about the Beachbody Coach Scam!” I really encourage you to dive in and do your research on the topic, because NO decision to start a business should be taken lightly! Good on ya. If you’ve done some reading, and are wondering about this FRIGHTENING SOUNDING […]

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